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Our Ministries

Sunday School Ministry

The Sunday school ministry provides Bible classes for all age groups.  A toddlers class teach young children Bible stories and has arts & crafts projects relative to the weeks lesson.  Classes are also held for young people and very for teens.  Finally, adult classes emphasize a deep understanding of the Bible.  Please join us Sunday morning at 10:00AM.  For help finding the right Sunday school class for you, please search out one of our deacons or ushers.

Patch The Pirate Club
Patch The Pirate Club is held on Sunday nights at 5:30PM for children ages 3 through graduation from 6th grade.  Activities include Bible Instruction, singing, games, crafts and fun.  Patch Club has also been known to put on holiday plays and have ice cream parties.  Enrollment in Patch Club costs $25 and includes a collard shirt, a sailors hat (for award's pins), a workbook (emphasizing Bible memorization), and awards pins, ribbons, and certificates.  Children are encouraged to work through their workbook and present their results each week.  They are rewarded with button pins, for each new level of achievement, that they can display on their sailors hat.

Nursing Home Ministry
Each week, between the Sunday Morning service and the evening service, groups from REDWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH visit local nursing homes to provide encouragement and a Bible lesson for the elderly.  If you are interested in serving the elderly of our community and expressing your love and appreciation for all that they have done, please consider joining the nursing home ministry.

Ladies Ministry
Information coming soon...


Usher's Ministry
The usher's of Redwood Baptist Church have a big job.  From parking attendance, greeting guests, helping people find their class, taking in offerings, and providing security, Usher's are never short on things to do.  If you are interested in joining this ministry, speak with any usher about joining.

Nursery Ministry
For babies and toddlers, the nurseries of Redwood Baptist Church provide a safe, secure, and clean place with qualified and trained ladies who will watch your children during Sunday and Wednesday services.  If you are interested in serving as a nursery worker, please talk with any member of the nursery staff.  A background check will be performed and you will be taught the proper procedures for the care of babies and toddlers in the nursery.

Maintenance and Landscaping Ministry
Redwood Baptist Church meets at a large facility.  As such, there is never a shortage of maintenance and landscaping work to perform.  If you are tired of sitting behind a desk and are looking for an opportunity to get your hands dirty and show off your handyman skills, join us on Saturday morning.  Help us to keep the Lord's house in tip top shape.

Soulwinning/Discipleship Ministry
Redwood Baptist Church is dedicated to the cause of Jesus Christ and in fulfilling the commission given by Him to all Christians (Matt 28:19-20).  This ministry provides organized soulwinning and discipleship opportunities to Redwood Baptist.  Meeting times are Tuesday evenings at 6:30PM and Saturday morning at 10AM.


Sound and Video Ministry
The sound and video ministry is responsible for coordinating the audio and video systems of Redwood Baptist Church.  This includes taking care of the maintenance and configuration of all equipment and running the mixing boards and lighting during services.  If you are interested in learning the technology and serving in this ministry, please search out one of the ministry workers.

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